Thursday, October 29, 2009

酸甜扒石斑鱼 Sweet and Sour Deep-Fried Fish


材料 :
一尾 鱼 (图中所示是石斑鱼,可用马友仔)...1 Fresh Fish (Garoupa fish or MaYao is recommended)
半颗番茄,切粒....1/2 tomato, diced
一颗洋葱,切粒....1 onion, diced

调味 :
番茄酱 3大匙....3 tbsp. tomato sauce
辣椒酱 1大匙....1 tbsp. chilly sauce
糖 1大匙....1 tbsp. sugar
胡椒粉 适量....Some pepper
水 200ml....200ml water
黍粉 1小匙 (如果酱汁太稀,可勾个芡).... 1 tsp. corn flour (for thickening)

煮法 :
1. 热油锅,把鱼煎透,捞起沥干油。
Heat up oil, deep-fry the fish until crispy, drain and dry.

2. 剩少许油,爆香洋葱粒,加入番茄粒拌炒,放入调味煮熟,淋在鱼上即可上桌。
Leave some oil in wok, saute diced onion until fragrant, add in tomato and seasoning until cooked, pour onto the crispy fish. Serve.


  1. jie, how to fry the fish and it will not stick the wok? Any 'secret recipe'???

  2. first, the oil must be heat up, use a piece of kitchen paper rub the fish, put the fish into the pan/wok, dun move it n maintain the high heat after 1 min, turn to medium heat. When u see the fish bottom side start to turn golden brown, u can turn it over and dun move again.

  3. Jie, How do I know if the oil is heated??

  4. one very direct way is ..u can see some 'smoke' coming out..another way is ..u can throw a small piece of vegie leave n u can see the leave being fried very soon n float on the oil...

  5. This is simple and delicious.