Wednesday, October 28, 2009

鱼露蒸鱼 Fish Sauce Steam Fish

当我蒸鱼时,我很爱加鱼露。 你不会想象它蒸出来的味道是这么的清甜,还能提出鱼的鲜味呢!
I love to add fish sauce when steam fish. It can even bring out the good taste of the fish!

做法 : 鱼洗净,抹少许盐和胡椒粉,姜葱切丝铺在鱼上,加点滚水,再加几滴雨露。如上的马友鱼片,大火蒸8分钟即可熄火。

Method : Wash the fish, rub with a little salt and pepper, sprinkle ginger slice on top, add 2 tbsp. of boiled water and few drops of fish sauce/gravy. Steamed fish with high heat for 8 mins. until cooked. Sprinkle sauted shallot and serve hot.



  1. Now i know how to treat the fish sauce that i bought last time. As last time I bought it to cook "Thai style cold pork lean meat (which I mean is cooked the meat in & then put into the fridge and not raw lean meat)

  2. Berapa spoon of fish sauce ? How about the full recipe ?

  3. Poh Kiat : only 'feng' few drops of fish sauce will do...i have added the simple recipe here. Since you have a bottle of fish sauce, I will post a Thai Fried Mee Hoon later which Fish Sauce is a MUST! YOu will love the taste!

  4. Talking abt fish sauce , just wanna share.
    I chop cili padi, chop small onion , squezze limau kasturi juice , fish sauce and some soya sauce all mix together . Then dip it with pan fried ikan kembung or pan fried ikan kembung rebus . I also dip with lady finger rebus with the sauce mixture.