Friday, November 20, 2009

又是润润糖水的时候了。。。海底椰 Seacoconut

Ingredients : Seacoconut (refer to the picture for how to do peeling), sweet dates, dry longan, white fungus, rock sugar/gula Melaka, lo-hon-gor.
做法:海底椰去皮洗净,切1/2吋厚片,和蜜枣,罗汉菓放入滚水中煮1 1/2小时。再加入泡软的雪耳和龙眼干,继续煮半个小时,加入适量的冰糖调味或椰糖即可。
Cooking Method : Peel and wash seacoconut, cut into 1/2" slice. Put sweet dates, lo-hon-gor and seacoconut into the pot and cook for 1 1/2 hours. Add white fungus and dry longan, cook for another half an hour. Taste the soup before add in the rock sugar/gula Melaka to your favourite.
如果想吃软一点的雪耳,可以更早一点加入。 White fungus can add in earlier if you prefer softer taste.
I have a small tip here to share, the softer seacoconut is nice to eat but when you found some hard(old) seacoconut among them, you can peel and cut into half of it to cook with, this can make you differentiate which is hard one when serving. Actually, old seacoconut is more tasty to cook but not nice to eat, this will make sure every scoop you eat is smooth and delicious!


  1. I like to drink this dessert too, but sometime not able to cook this as 海底椰 always very big packet, too many for my family, usually I will just omit this.

  2. Hi Penny, I regret for not learning Chinese, ha ha. But first time I see this dish. looks real good.
    Wonder if put ice or in fridge, cold how it'll taste like?
    Guess you have a Black belt in cooking, ha ha. Best regards, Lee.

  3. MLTC : oh..sorry for late reply..really busy lately! sure will keep one big POT for u if u r my neighbours, u cant keep fit..i always share with my neighbour of my cooking!
    Uncle Lee : oh..thanks for ur compliment!i believe every family got some special cooking, this is quite normal from my grandma, i supposedly to translate all my cooking in bilingual, give me tis moment i will translate tis seacoconut for U first ;-)

  4. Uncle Lee : Oh forgot to tell u, yes! it will be nice if serve cold! but u hv to make it sweeter then only more tasty when drink cold.