Saturday, December 5, 2009

杂菜咖哩 Mixed Vegetable Curry

Quite sometimes that I haven't updated my blog as I am busy lately for a part time work at my brother's office. But I'd still taken the photos of all my share with all of my dearest friends here!

材料 :
菜豆 6条,切段
茄子 1条,切条状
包菜 3大片,洗净切大片
豆卜 10粒,切半
马铃薯 1粒,切块泡水
椰浆 100g
水 100g


做法 :
1. 先把羊角豆,菜豆和茄子用少许油炒过盛起。

2. 倒入咖哩酱料在锅中,小火炒一会,加入适量的水转大火煮滚,放入包菜,豆卜,马铃薯。 待马铃薯煮至熟透,加入炒锅的(1)食材再煮5分钟。 倒入调好的椰浆和水进锅中,煮至大滚即可盛起。

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  1. This remind me I have no long time did not cooked veggie curry, Thanks for sharing.