Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My secret recipe -- Chicken Stewed with Oyster Sauce 蚝油焖鸡

这道菜真的是我的Secret Recipe, 其他的食谱有没有,我不知道,但,我已经煮了它20 年了。。。我告诉过很多的朋友怎么煮这道菜,她们都赞好,因为,材料简单,无油烟,味道又下饭,一举几得呢!不妨试一试!材料 : 鸡(1/4只),姜(15片),香茅(1支).
调味料 : 耗油(2汤匙),晒油(半茶匙),糖(1茶匙),米酒/绍兴酒(1茶匙),麻油(少许),水(半碗).
Ingredient : Chicken (1/4 of whole chicken), Ginger (15 slices), Lemon Grass (1 stack).
Seasoning : Oyster sauce (2 tbl.sp.), Thick Soy Sauce (1/2 tea sp.), Sugar (1 tea sp.), Chinese Wine (1 tbl.sp.), Sesame oil(1/2 tea sp.), water (1/2 bowl).
把所有的材料和调味料放入锅中,搅拌均匀,开火焖煮.等到大滚后,转中火焖煮.每隔5分钟就搅拌一下,以免煮焦.如果煮到水要干了,还可以再加水.焖煮的要点是不能太小火,和水不能太少.焖煮20 分钟后就可以了!
Put all the ingredients and seasoning into the pot and start cooking. Cover and leave to boil on high heat. After boiled remain lower heat and keep stirring every 5 mins. to prevent over cooked. Water can be added whenever the gravy is getting lesser. Stewed with 20 mins. will do!
这道菜还可以随意加进金针菇,蘑菇,千禧菇,香菇...很下饭的哦...You can simply add in any type of mushroom like button mushroon, chinese mushroom etc...Yummy!
姜和麻油的分量是可以依个人的喜好而加多或少的...Ginger and sesame oil is adjustable to your preferance...


  1. Hi Penny,

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful recipes..., I want to wish you 中秋节快乐!!!

  2. Hi Tin Tin,
    Same to u! Have you tried out any moon cake baking?

  3. Jie, I have tried this yesterday. It taste good!! It is super simple and most importantly it taste good!