Tuesday, September 29, 2009


我给这道菜取名取得对吗?我本人就超爱这道菜! 当我16岁时。。。就开始‘钻研’了! 那时,爸妈都在外地工作,我是老大,就得负起照顾弟妹的责任,他们时常都‘点’这道‘咕噜肉’配白饭,而每次在外用膳都发现,为什么那些汁给的这么少,酱‘孤寒’的? 所以,每次我在家煮时,都会把酱汁煮多点,好让他们‘浇’得痛快!
I love to use pork belly to cook this dish, cause most of the time the lean meat is too dry for kids. 'Massaging' the meat piece is extremely important especially on the fats. I will suggest to use knife instead of back knife to beat the meat piece. You will find the texture is very soft to bite and I can use my kids' spoon to cut the pork easily...Can you imagine how much I have done onto the 'massaging'. You may use lean meat to cook it too!
材料:五花肉1条(300g, 去皮),大葱(1颗,切丁块),青灯笼椒(半颗,切丁块),黄梨(一片,切丁块),粟米粉(大量)。
腌肉料:盐(半茶匙),糖(一茶匙),酱油(一茶匙),麻油(少许),米酒/绍兴酒(1汤匙), 蛋(1颗)。
调味料: 番茄酱(4大匙),辣椒酱(少许),糖(两汤匙), 酸梅酱(没有就免了),水。

Ingredient : Pork Belly (300g, without skin), 1 onion (diced), half a green pepper (diced), 1 slice of pineapple (diced), half a bowl of corn flour.
Marinade : 1/2 tsp. salt, 1 tbsp. sugar, 1 tsp. light soya sauce, some sesame oil, 1 tbsp. cooking wine, 1 egg.
Seasoning : 4 tbsp. Tomato Sauce, 1 tbsp. Chilli Sauce, 2 tbsp. Sugar, 1 bowl of water.

首先,将五花肉切块状,用刀剁松它,尤其是油脂的部分,再放入腌肉料。 在开始腌了半小时把放在容器里的肉翻一翻才放入冰厨腌过夜。起油锅,把腌了的肉沾上粟米粉,轻拍,下油锅炸。炸至金黄捞起备用。把多余的油盛起,留少数在锅里,倒入黄梨,青灯笼椒,大葱拌炒,放入水,把调味倒进继续拌炒。 如果汤汁太稀薄,可以打个芡, 那么酱汁才可以裹在肉块上。 最后,倒入炸好的肉块,快速拌炒均匀,上桌即可。以上的分量就如图所示, 可供3-4人分。
First, cut pork belly into cube shape, beat with knife especially the fats, add in marinade. Mix the pork belly again after 1/2 hour marinated and keep into fridge for overnight. Heat up oil for deep-frying, coat the pork belly with corn flour, shake off the excess flour. Deep-fry meat pieces till golden brown, dish and drain. Leave 1 tbsp. oil in wok, stir-fry diced pineapple, green pepper and onion, pour in the seasoning and water bring to boil, thicken the sauce if necessary. Lastly, add the fried meat pieces, mix well and dish onto a serving plate. The portion as shown above for 3-4 persons.


  1. 你的咕噜肉看起来比餐馆煮得好吃咧!

  2. 温馨小屋:谢谢你!:-)这是给我很大的鼓励!
    JULI:我命这道菜为‘全年最爱’, 没错吧!

  3. Where is the English version??? :-P

  4. Pei Yi : on the way...sorry ah...

  5. Wah... so much kung fu work involved ah... "massaging the meat". Must try one day! :-)