Friday, July 23, 2010

蛋塔 Egg Tarts


食谱取之蔡高晋老师的‘撻入心扉’-- Recipe from 'Tarts My Heart' by Chef Kevin Chai

(A)撻皮 - Tart Crust
面粉 - 250g - Flour
奶粉 - 15g - Milk Powder
砂糖 - 60g - Castor Sugar
牛油 - 170g - Butter
蛋液 - 40g - Beaten Egg
香草精 - 1/2 tsp - Vanilla Essence

做法 - Method :
1. 将面粉,奶粉和砂糖混匀,加入牛油,搓成粒状,加入鸡蛋液和香草精,拌匀成面团。
--- To Make tart crust, combine flour, milk powder and castor sugar. Rub in butter until mixture resemble bread crumbs. Add in beaten egg, knead to forms dough.

2. 把面团用保鲜膜包好,既刻冷藏半小时,备用。
--- Wrap the dough with plastic wrap, refrigerate for half an hour until ready to use.

塔皮捏法 - Pressing dough method :
1. 将适量面团搓均匀,放入撻模里。
--- Roll out enough of dough, place into mould.

2. 两只拇指沾上少许面粉,把面团捏压至到模的边缘,双手转动模修边。
--- Touch some flour on both thumbs. Press the dough. Tim off edge.

撻馅 - Custard Filling :
清水 - 340ml - Water
砂糖 - 120g - Castor Sugar (I only used 100g)
鸡蛋 - 4 pcs. - Eggs
淡奶 - 50ml - Eveporated Milk
香草精 - 1/2tsp - Vanilla Essence
黄色素 - Few drops - Yellow Colouring

做法 - Method :
1. 将清水和砂糖煮沸,离火待冷却。
--- To make custard filling, bring water and sugar to boil, remove and leave to cool.

2. 将蛋汁打散,与冷却的蛋液,淡奶和香草精拌匀,最后调入黄色素。
--- Whisk eggs, combine with cooled syrup and the rest of ingredients. Lastly to adjust with yellow colouring.

3. 把撻馅过滤,注入撻皮模型中,盛入预热烤箱以180'C烘18-22分钟。
--- Bring filling through sieve, then pour into tart cases. Bake in preheated oven at 180'C for 18-22 minutes.



  1. 謝謝你!美女!我來偷你的蛋塔食譜了!

  2. 赞哦,我很喜欢吃蛋塔

  3. hui peng : 不是我的。。是Kevin 老师的。不要叫我美女啦,大家都是好妈妈。。。
    PynnLee : 在倒蛋液时,真的手在抖,很怕倒不好。

  4. wah... hou leng ah!!! i love egg tarts!

  5. PeiYi : I'd attached bilingual recipe..try it out!
    Hommycake : 甜了点。。不过overal 还好!

  6. 好美的蛋塔啊!我来偷食谱滴~~~ 谢囖"<

  7. Hi,Penny, your egg tarts pastry turn too soft when it was cool? i bake some egg tarts last sunday, it turn soft after few hours.

  8. Fun fun : did u use tis recipe? It's still ok for me to eat at nite which i baked arnd 5pm.

  9. i used other recipe, next time shd try tis recipe.thx

  10. 食谱写得很详细,感谢你的分享。今天做了你那道排骨焖芋头,味道不错耶!

  11. 请问奶粉是指哪一种的?谢谢。

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