Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Simply Cook!

Yesterday, my sister and her boyfriend, Kalvin, joined me for dinner, but it was a short notice and I have only 2 hours to prepare...Within the short time frame, I managed to find whatever I could from the fridge and defrost them. Finally, I managed 5 dishes and 1 soup within an hour!

Vegetarian Yam Roll

Special Sauce Steamed Stingray Fish

Potatoes Meat Cake in Oyster Sauce

Vegetables in Dry Scallop Sauce

Sambal Petai


  1. cincai masak also can be so feng fu... must learn from you, sifu! :-)

  2. PeiYi : wah..u know how to use 'feng fu' to describe, and u got the correct han yu pin yin leh! i can share all the recipe here..:-)